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About us

Tiara’sPantry is an Ahmedabad based online supermarket catering to all your household needs. We are your go-to destination for not only Indian food ingredients but even International ones. We are your one stop solution for all issues you face while you embark on your delightful culinary experience.

Food is the most integral part of any Indian household and grocery still is the largest spending category of a typical Indian household budget. As per the India Food Services Report 2019, published every year by the National Restaurants Association of India. Indians were eating out nearly seven times a month. However, today, in the post Covid world, that seems to be a far-fetched idea. A recent survey conducted by ETMoney, shows that, during the lockdown period (March till June)Indians have reduced their overall spending nearly by 40% as compared to same time frame last year. As far as the spending on eating out is concerned, it has dropped significantly to 20% of what it was last year and people have restored their faith in ‘ghar ka khana’.

More and more people are learning to cook exotic, traditional, multi cuisine recipes at home- thanks to the multitude chef recipes available on the internet. However, while cooking these recipes, each of us face a dreadful reality- Unavailability of good quality& authentic ingredients. We understand and acknowledge that it is the ingredients which take the dish from ‘just good’ to ‘delectable’. Not only are there fewer shops who provide such materials, another crucial problem is getting it at your doorstep, at your convenience and at an affordable price.

And that’s exactly where Tiara’sPantry comes into play. It was this hunt to find the right ingredients which led to the birth of Tiara’sPantry. We live by 5 rules:

  • • Freshest , hi quality product
  • • Gourmet and daily need ingredients
  • • Top Indian and Global brands
  • • Affordable prices
  • • Hassle free, safe payment and delivery

Our specially curated range of products will cover everything from gourmet cheese to finest chocolate, from responsibly grown fresh produce to your packaged food cravings. Our world cuisine section brings fine Italian, Mexican, Thai and Arabic products so that you can try all those exotic recipes you have been waiting to. We also have a dedicated section for the health lovers who are looking for whole grains, low sugar and carb free snack and breakfast options. The section also includes products which cater to special food needs of a diabetic, gluten and lactose intolerant person, and people with religious beliefs

Our suppliers have been handpicked based on their infrastructure capabilities and their hygiene and storage practices. The supplier facilities also undergo regular quality checks so that you get only the finest ingredients, with no compromise. These suppliers have been in the food industry for quite some time and understand the seasonality and market demand supply curve. This will ensure that we are never stocked out on your favourite products and have all the seasonal items on our racks.

Before each item leaves the supplier warehouse, it will go through a rigorous quality check, so that all you get is the best. Our team works with our list of reliable suppliers to ensure that every item matches your expectation and is delivered to you in the correct packaging and at the correct temperature.

Our Tiara’sPantry team is a fun mix of avid food enthusiasts who come from variety of backgrounds like interior design, marketing and they strive to ensure that the brand provides good taste and heath. For a food connoisseur, Tiara’sPantry will be that wonderland where all that you need to fulfil your culinary dreams will be available. There is also a blog, wherein we will be posting recipes from home cooks, chefs and bakers, which you can try and share it with your family. Along with the blog, you can always check our Facebook and Instagram pages for all the latest updates, offers and new launches.

Once you register with us, you can even avail the option to enrol in our loyalty program, which has its own perks- like specialized offers, posting on the blog, prompt delivery and an early preview to new launches.

The brand is owned by WhitePantry- an Ahmedabad based company involved in the food and beverage sector. WhitePantry owns the entire trademark and copyrights for Tiara’sPantry. Be a part of the Tiara’sPantry family and let’s together embark on a delightful, healthier culinary experience.